Dr. Melissa Henn - Veterinarian


Dr Henn knew she wanted to be a veterinarian since she was a little girl.

She grew up in East Tennessee and went on to get her BS and DVM from the University of Tennessee. After graduation she spent the next decade working in surgery, and it became a passion of hers. She also enjoys geriatric care and fear free approaches to practicing.

Dr. Henn shares her life with her husband and four "children." Esther is her 14-year-old, grey muzzled, rescue mix as is her husband. Haddie is her lovable foster fail, and Daniel is her human child. The newest addition to the family is a very naughty horse Boaz who mostly means well, except when he doesn't. Dr. Henn would love to meet your children too so don't hesitate to bring your human and fur babies in together.