Dr. Kyle Daniel - Veterinarian


Dr. Kyle Daniel grew up in the middle Tennessee area.

Starting in kindergarten he always desired to be a veterinarian. Dr. Daniel graduated from Hendersonville High School and received his undergraduate degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He then moved to lower Alabama to enroll in Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 1996. He then practiced until September 1998 in Montgomery Alabama prior to joining the team at Animal Care Veterinary Hospital. He had the joy and privilege of working with Dr. George Jackson when joining the practice, and learned several things in that time that he appreciates more as the years go by. He instilled in each of those that worked for him honesty, hard work, diligence, and compassion for people.

Dr. Daniel enjoys all aspects of understanding internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, and dental cases. He love getting to know the moms and dads of his patients and sharing life with them. He has recently begun to develop the new skill of Chiropractic. He is finishing training at Health Pioneers Institute in Chicago and is encouraged to use this new skill to help patients that prior to attending he could not. He believes the concept of doing something with your hands that can change their quality of life is remarkable.

He has been married for the last 25 years and has 3 children that range from 13-16 years old. He grows grass-fed and finished beef, pastured eggs, and has 5 sheep. The sheep were a Christmas present for his 3 border collies, Susie, Brin, and Ace. He also has a poodle, Mollie, and a cat, Aubie. He serves at World Outreach Church in high school Infinity. His hobbies include camping, training border collies, hiking, cheering for his family in running and cycling races, outdoor cooking, kayaking, and playing horseshoes.